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What is your role at Ferns?

Commercial Trainee

Do you specialise in a specific area of the business / Are you interested in a specific area of the business?

At the moment my tasks are all centred around the commercial area of the business. Before I started in my role I was interested in the commercial day to day running of a large successful company like Ferns, therefore the role that I’ve found myself in is perfect.

Tell us about your proudest achievement at Ferns?

Although I haven’t been at the company for long, my proudest achievement is the fact that I was quickly integrated into the Commercial Team at Ferns Group after being given the opportunity to prove myself. Resultantly, I have been entrusted to work alongside the Commercial Management Team on various important tasks.

Describe the Ferns vibe in three words?

Positive, Collaborative and Fun.         

Who inspires you?

The core of my inspiration comes from my Dad, due to his hardworking and ceaseless attitude towards anything he puts his mind towards. I also draw a lot of inspiration from the people working around me.

What are you passionate about? (list 3/4 things…)

Fitness & Sports




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