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Customer Service

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Complaints Log

A Universal Complaints Log is in place and a unique auditable identification number is generated for any complaint we receive. For any complaint the client is contacted within the hour and we are on site within 4 hours to resolve any issues.

on site data

Peace of mind

For each job photographs of all the work as it starts, progresses and completes is constantly updated into our "On-Site" system which clients have direct access to. Clients are informed of what is happening at every stage of the job and any issues are identified and prioritised.

ferns headquarters

Our Staff

The Client Care Manager is a single point of contact and monitors all incoming communications. We provide our own unique In – House Training Programmes which are undertaken by all operatives and site agents at their Depots.

We are Contactable

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FERNS Capabilities


We have operational coverage in London, the South East and East Anglia. We are able to mobilise for new contracts within a very short time period.

Systems & Data

Ferns Group has worked in close collaboration with Streetworks Software Limited (SWS) since 2017 developing the SwIMS product that optimises working practices and allows us to monitor all aspects of the job in real time.

Customer Service

Our Customers are informed of what is happening at every stage of the job and can contact us 24/7 365 days of the year by Email or by Phone.


Our fleet is constantly growing & updating. We embrace the newest technologies from the most reputable sources, ensuring they are all safe & reliable.

Health & Safety

We believe in the principle; Be Safe and Be Sure and have a strong reputation for Safety, Quality, Service Delivery and Customer Care.


We encourage regular visits from the environment agencies so we can make sure that we are always up to date with the latest standards and regulations.


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