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What is your role at Ferns?

My role at Ferns is a Trainee Accountant.

Do you specialise in a specific area of the business / Are you interested in a specific area of the business?

Working in accounts, it’s interesting to see and understand how a business operates financially. I’ve always been keen on learning about finance’s and the running of businesses, school sparked my interest of this at first. I’ve carried this on through my new role at Ferns and I am eager to learn more about the finance and accounts side of the company. The apprenticeship allows me to study in the classroom, then put what I’ve studied into practice in the workplace. 

Tell us about your proudest achievement at Ferns?

I have been at Ferns now for a little under a month, and already I have personally achieved many things. An office environment is something new to me, and I’ve come out of my comfort zones in a lot of the tasks I perform on a day to day basis, which making me more confident with every day that goes by.

Describe the Ferns vibe in three words?

Friendly, Collaborative and Professional 

Who inspires you? (& briefly WHY?)

My parents inspire my massively, my Mum and Dad have made me into the person I am today, and I will never be able to thank them enough for what they do for me day in day out. They help bring the most out in me and inspire me to be the best I can possibly be. 

What are you passionate about? (list 3/4 things…)  

Making my family and friends proud.

Keeping on top of my fitness

Learning and always improving 


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