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We had a catch up with Nicola & asked her if she’d feature on our blog. Here’s a little bit about Nicola, her role, proudest achievement at Ferns, her inspirations & passions (outside of work!). Read what Nicola had to say below!

What is your role at Ferns?

My role is Customer Liaison Officer for Forefront Utilities.

Do you specialise in a specific area of the business / Are you interested in a specific area of the business?

I work to support our teams in giving our customers a 10/10 experience. 

Tell us about your proudest achievement at Ferns?

I haven’t worked for the Ferns Group for long but my proudest achievement would be turning complaints around and improving the customers experience so when we have walked away from a project they have a good lasting impression of our company and the work we have carried out on their behalf.

Describe the Ferns vibe in three words?

Challenging, Supportive and Friendly

Who inspires you? 

My colleagues new and old inspire me with their support and guidance. I have been very lucky since working in the gas industry to meet and learn from some very knowledgeable people, who have spent time to explain and help me learn about the processes and procedures that we need to follow to complete the operations that we carry out. Their knowledge, experience and passion inspires me and gives me the motivation to work to the best of my ability.

What are you passionate about? 

Customer and getting it right first time.

My family and making memories with them.

Socialising with the people closest to me.


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