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Ferns Apprentice Summer Andrews is on track for a rewarding career in Quantity Surveying with plenty of potential to continue learning.

We asked her all about it, here’s what Summer had to say;

I chose the Ferns apprentice scheme as I recognised Ferns as a reputable & leading company within its sector with great career progression opportunities. I wanted to obtain the experience and knowledge with a company like this to further strengthen my career.

​I have found that the combination of studying, office work & site visits have been very beneficial in the sense that I am constantly learning new things as well as understanding the whole process of drylining from start to finish, including the pricing, billing & aftercare with a focus on Quantity Surveying specifically. My sector of work is not something that can easily be learnt from a book, you have to see things happening both on-site & in the office to gain an in-depth understanding of all aspects. 

I would recommend the Ferns apprenticeship to others as it’s a great way of learning the specific business that you are going into. The exposure to different environments and business stages as mentioned above are really beneficial in the early stages of your career and help lay the path ahead. On top of all that is mentioned above, Ferns is a diverse group of companies with success in multiple sectors of the infrastructure and construction industry meaning your options for development are very broad.

Here’s a little more about Summer…

What is your role at Ferns?

 I am a Trainee Quantity Surveyor.

Do you specialise in a specific area of the business / Are you interested in a specific area of the business? 

I work for the drylining sector of Ferns.

Tell us about your proudest achievement at Ferns (so far)? 

My proudest achievement during my time at Ferns so far is achieving a Distinction* in a Level 3 Diploma and securing a place at Greenwich University.

Describe the Ferns vibe in three words? 

Fun, challenging and rewarding.

Who inspires you?

Katie Piper inspires me. After suffering from a life threatening acid attack which left her with horrific injuries and partially blind, needing over 250 operations, she still continues to keep a positive attitude and helps to prevent this happening to others by doing charity work to reduce crime rates.

What are you passionate about?

Food, travel, music and horse riding.

Get in touch:-

Your office phone number? 01622 816318

Work email address?


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