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Meet Sylvester. He has been with Ferns Group a year now so we wanted to find out more about his role and some of his responsibilities. 


What is your role at Forefront?

I’m a SHEQ advisor.

My job involves visiting our sites and auditing teams, making sure our teams are compliant for health and safety, and if they have any concerns regarding health and safety. We carry out PACT testing to make sure all tools and clamps are safe to use. There is a lot of paperwork involved so I spend a lot of time filling that out and making sure it’s all correct!

Other elements of my role include drug and alcohol testing, incident reports, liaising with colleagues about any health and safety concerns. All in the effort to push Forefront Utilities in the right direction and keep our personnel safe!


How long have you been with Forefront?

I was at Ferns for 7 months and have been at Forefront for 5 months, so it’s been a year in total!


What do you enjoy most about your role?

Engaging with people, finding issues, and resolving them. I also enjoy the investigation side, finding out what went wrong and how we can apply corrective measures to make things right. Meeting the teams, seeing how they are doing and how they operate.


What has been your proudest achievement at Forefront so far?

Learning about the operational side of things – how the gas system works and the different valves – Developing my knowledge on gas utilities!


What are some of the challenges you face in your role? How do you overcome them?

Sometimes we have to pull teams up about non-compliances, this can be challenging but I believe communicating efficiently with them is the best way to handle this type of situation.

I communicate in a calm and professional manner and try to offer solutions on the spot as this proves more helpful than just barking orders.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like spending time with my daughter, she’s 1 years old! I enjoy learning and developing myself whether that’s through a course or taking on challenges,  anything to help further my career.


Who inspires you?

My family. They always push for success and want to see me do well. I want to make my parents proud! My daughter inspires me to make sure I can provide a great future for her, I want to make sure anything she needs I can provide it.




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